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    What?   ready-made and tailor-made visits, tours
    How?   walking, by tram, by bus or by car
    Where?   Througout Zagreb, the surroundings of Zagreb County
    Krapina-Zagorje County
    Throughout Croatia
    All neighbouring countries of Croatia: Slovenia, Bosnia and Hecegovine, Montenegro...
    Other services:   Transfer assistance
    Tour guide services in Croatia and abroad
    On-site assistance and translation services

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    Languages: Italian, Spanish, Croatian for foreigners

    What?   One to one
    In small groups
    What for?   For school/university/international exams
    For going to live abroad
    For any other purpose
    What?   Ready-made courses
    Tailor-made courses

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    Languages: Italian, Spanish, Croatian

    Written   from Croatian, to Croatian, from Italian to Spanish and vice versa
    Consecutive   In consecutive interpreting, the speaker is required to pause to allow interpretation
    Chuchotage   interpreters will stick closely behind the speaker and whisper continuously, while others will interpret in short bursts