Zagreb in 2 DAYS,

  • The Botanical Garden
  • Maksimir, Zagreb's landmark in natural Environment
  • The Zoological Garden
Zagreb's home made alimentary products like:
  • Choco bar Kraš, Ilica 15
  • Kraš chocolate and biscuit shop, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića
  • Natura Croatica, delicacies, Preradovićeva Street 8
  • Gavrilović products, traditional saussages, in many supermarkets
  • Slavonica, delicacies from Slavonia, Kaptol Centre, Nova ves Street 17
  • Gligora, sheep, goat and cow cheese, at farmers' market Dolac
And more products to put on or take with us...
  • Umbrellas Cerovečki, Ilica Street 49
  • Hats by Kobali, Margaretska Street/Prolaz Oktogon, a passage
  • Hats by Cahun, Pod zidom Street 8
  • Kravata Croata, ties and scarves, Passage Oktogon, Ilica Street 5
  • Croatian Design Superstore, including various clothes items, decoration, furniture and jewellery, Martićeva Street 4
  • Zlatarnica Popek, traditional jewellery, Teslina Street 8
  • Sovilj, designed modern jewellery, Amruseva Street 5
  • Galerija Link, souvenirs made in Croatia, Radićeva Street 27
  • Take me home, design shop, Tomićeva Street 4 (the funicular street)
  • Notes of Zagreb, home fragrances, Skalinska Street 2
  • Ulola, cosmetic products, sold in Kozmo, Bipa, DM or in some chemist shops

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